Do I really need to cycle caffeine to get a better response?

Do I really need to cycle caffeine to get a better response?

Caffeine a magical supplement, caffeine goes in magic comes out! Problem is we do we actually get used to our caffeine intake. If you drink coffee or Coffein daily plus your Preworkout drink are you diminishing the effects of caffeine? In this article we discuss if this is a myth or if you can actually diminish the response!

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We are going to be dispelling the myth that habitual caffeine intake influences the performance response to acute caffeine supplementation

Before we start what is some of the benefits of caffeine

-increase in energy output

-Improved Mood

-Improved Drive to train

-Boosts your metabolism

-increase in muscular force

-Reduce fatigue

-Increase contractile force


Caffeine is one of the most well-researched performance-enhancing compounds in existence, and likely one of the most commonly used drugs worldwide. However, some of the effects of caffeine diminish with regular use as one develops a tolerance.

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They put people in 3 groups

Low 2-100mg

Moderate: 104-183mg

High: 190-583mg


Then they tested them on cycling performance after taking 6mg of caffeine prior to testing


And they found increase in performance

Which has shown that caffeine tolerance does not degrade the ergogenic response from caffeine

My thoughts…when you take a caffeine dose way higher then you are used too you are going to get that jump in performance. I think your daily tolerance is what you are concerned with.

Caffeine may help you when you need it most/ peaking etc/ dieting

Interesting fact: Caffeine withdrawls decreases performance

All this information we have gotten from MASS

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