We help fitness professionals grow their online business through social media branding and marketing

Do you own a fitness business including personal training studios, Crossfit, boot camp, cycling studios etc?
Do you want to 10x your business? 
Are you a fitness professional who wants to enter the world of online coaching?
Do you have a fitness product or program that you want to reach a massive audience?
Want to grow your social media following so large that potential clients come to YOU?

Most fitness experts have the process wrong.
They may have a wealth of knowledge or the best product out there but never seem to be able to generate enough income and reach the correct audience.
Many have tried putting out elaborate Youtube videos or spent weeks posting images on Instagram to find that they have gotten little and in most cases no return on the amount of time and effort invested!

The problem is the that the idea is solid but it has too many holes

We specialize in helping fitness business thrive in the online world where there is an over abundance of so called "experts." We help you stand out! 

We will help you using the same principles we applied that grew our business from zero audience to over 500,000 loyal followers and thousands of online clients worldwide.

If you want to dominate the fitness world, have new clients and customers demand to work with you and consistently get results then lets talk.

Our Services 

How do our consulting services work?

  • Once you sign up for our services we have you fill out an initial questionnaire for us to figure out your exact NICHE in the fitness industry. Are you a motivator? Are you an educator? Do you have a genius product you want to sell?
  • ​We then decided based on your niche what your TARGET audience is and what social media platform works best for you to reach them. We work with you to create the best possible appearance and branding on your selected social media platform. (Youtube, Instagram, Blogging, Podcasting etc.
  • Once we have you set up a ready to start getting your message out there we personally create a custom PLAN OF ACTION for you to follow. This includes a specific amount of work and content that you should be publishing on a weekly to monthly basis and more importantly what EXACTLY you should be posting. Thats right we walk you through the entire process! Your job is to pass on your knowledge and value, our job is to make sure its seen and heard! ​​
  • As a client of ours you also have unlimited email access to us the entire time we work together. We want YOU to be SUCCESSFUL​!

    Additional Services Offered 
    • Podcast Editing
    • Video Production/Editing
    • Social Media Following Growth 
    • Email List  Building 
    • Commercial Advertisement Creation

      Basic: $200/Monthly Subscription
      Premium: $300/ Monthly Subscription (Includes Social Media Branding)

      Minimum 2 Months