Glutey-Licious "Your Guide to Getting A Celebrity Booty in 12 Weeks"

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Have you been struggling to build the kind of booty you see on all the top celebrities? Been running on the treadmill and getting nowhere? Get off the cardio equipment and get with the program! Waist trainers, diet pills, and tea detoxes are a waist of time and money. If you want to get a slimmer waist and a nice round booty, you are going to have to start using some heavy barbells. Unless you can afford a plastic surgeon or traveling to Brazil for painful injections, you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone and into the weight section of the gym.

We already know what you are going to say:
“But, if I lift weights, I’m going to look manly. I just want to tone.” 

We are beyond sick of hearing this complaint. We do not even know where this myth got started. We knowlots of guys who lift heavy weights to bulk up and still look frail. So what makes you think that if you touch
some weights you’re going to get massive? I mean if that were all it took there’d be a lot more guys out there
looking swole. 
Unless you take some heavy anabolic steroids, you are never going to look like a man. Trust us on this. Lifting weights = building muscle. Your glutes are made of muscle. Bigger glute muscles = bigger booty. Basic science. 
Over the years we have worked with countless females who all want the same things—a trim waist and a firm, round butt. Most females come to us with the same fitness stories. They all do tons of cardio and try to eat like birds. It’s going to seem counterintuitive, but our program is going to have you do the complete opposite. Just take a leap, or lunge, of faith and you will finally have the booty (and body) you’ve always dreamed of.

​​"Your Guide to Getting A Celebrity Booty in 12 Weeks"

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