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Are you having a hard time gaining muscle or burning fat?
Did you ever stop and think that maybe its not your training or your nutrition that’s hindering your progress? Maybe its something else? It very well could be sub optimal hormone levels. And even more important…Maybe its low testosterone?

You would be surprised how many things you are consuming and exposed to on a daily basis that are actually lowering your testosterone levels. Things you are actually doing right now!

The normal range for testosterone in a healthy male is 250-1200ng/dl that’s a huge range! Most likely you have plenty of room to improve and doing so will translate into new muscle growth, better recovery, improved mood and energy, increased libido and more fat burning!

We created this course so you can go step by step through every process to naturally increase the range of your testosterone.

What does this course include?

-3 In depth video courses that explain the ins and outs of testosterone
-Nutrition to boost testosterone
-Training to boost testosterone
-Supplementation to boost testosterone
-Lifestyle Factors to effortlessly improve your hormone balance
-Exactly how to structure and execute your new testosterone boosting lifestyle program
-This program also includes a full 12 week strength training program designed to increase strength and add muscle to your frame. 

We bring this course to you in typical New York Muscle Radio fashion with no fluff to show you exactly what to do right now to get that edge in the gym you are looking for!

Stop wasting your money on fake hormone boosters, prescription gels, useless workout routines, nonsense eating regimen and join us in Maximizing your Testosterone.

What am I going to get from this course?

-By the end of this course you will know everything you need to increase your natural testosterone
-You will know exactly what and how to eat to maximize testosterone.
-You will know the exact training program you should follow to maximize testosterone.
-You will also receive a 10% discount for customized coaching

Sign up now and never worry about hormones again!