New York Strongest Strength Program

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I am most certain that at one point in your iron journey you were concerned with only one thing, how your physique looked. It didn’t matter how much weight was on the bar, or if you were training with any specific direction, or long term goals other than to get jacked or lean.
You are not alone here.
In fact, 95% of the fitness community suffers from the same issue not to mention your New York Muscle Radio Coaches have been down that road themselves. It’s not about how much you lift, it’s about how much you look like you can lift right?
Wrong! It doesn’t matter if your goal is pure aesthetics, or if you want to be the strongest and most bad ass in your gym.
Some of the most well known and impressive physiques were built on strength training.
​Wanna know how its done?
Here is what you will learn in this Book:
Why this Program Works
Who this Program is for
Why this Program Works Great For Women
How to Gain Strength Why Progressive Overload is Important How The Training Program is Structured
How To Properly Find Your 1 Rep Max
What Should Your Starting Program Weights Be Proper Way to Warm up For Each Workout
Diet for Strength