The 12-Week Arm Experiment The Ultimate Arm Growth Program

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Do you suffer from Skinny-Armitis? 
Have you tried everything for arms only to find that nothing has been working?
Do you feel embarassed by your arm size?

If you say yes to any of these questions then this program is for you! My name is Anthony Bevilacqua and I am the host of New York Muscle Radio podcast. I was once like you, embarrassed of my arms. My arms have been a weak point in my physique for years. When I started training my arms measured 11inches. Even after many years of hardcore training nothing would get my arms to grow.  I finally had enough and finally said "I want to gain an inch to my arms in 12 weeks". There are so many "magical" programs online that promise to gain size but most of them are full of lies. I was on a mission to put out a program that actually worked.

I decided that I was going to be a guinnea pig. If this program worked for me (someone with arms that would never grow) it would work for anyone. With the help of my cohost Big Pete we set out on a mission to gain 1 solid inch to my arms in 12 weeks. This was a task so big but I knew all the other skinny armed guys depended on it!

12 Weeks later this program helped me finally get 18inch arms...Dont believe me...check out my pics

You see the problem with most other online programs out there is that the creators of these programs dont suffer from the problem themselves. These other authors are just intermet marketers who put out crap products just to make a buck. This program was designed by a skinny arm guy to help finally get huge arms. I lived this problem and I solved it!
The 12 Week Arm Experiment 
"The Ultimate Arm  Growth Program"

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